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Serving All with Love and Patience Ultimate Care

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency committed to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities/delays and their families to overcome the barriers imposed upon them by the disability. Ultimate Care is a promising agency in Colorado specializing in providing excellent quality services involving residential services, supported community connection, and community connector. To help make our services accessible to the public, we accept waivers, such as DD waiver. Experience the significant difference we can bring forth in your life by entrusting your goals with us!

Father talking with disabled biracial son sitting in wheelchair while waiting in doctor's office, laughing together.

Mission Statement

To provide support, care, and love for the needy and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to support them to become valued citizens in the community with their full participation in achieving their desired goals in life.

Vision Statement

Everyone needs love, care, and support, and they are entitled to equal rights and opportunities on their journey to become the best persons they want to be in the community.